Amore Mortis

We lay side by side,

Two souls vivisected by love,

Her beating heart bled onto the jealous grass,

Mine cried tears for the death of our love.


I drummed my fingers in an imitation of a symphony,

In the staccato of our lovemaking,

She pulled up the sods as though they were her enemy,

And grasped them as though they were my dead hands.


She scratched my eyeballs till they burst,

And ran down my cheeks like a macabre tear,

Water ran forth from my hollow eyes,

And created a sea in which to drown her sorrow.


I traced a constellation in the crook of her elbow,

Running from scar to scar like a frightened pup,

She used her teeth to grind my ribcage to dust,

The ash from a pyre of whirling lust.


She rolled over onto me and we existed,

Mouth to mouth, toes entwined,

We died as one, a story for the ages,

And over our bodies grew the tree of life.


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