Father Time

Not quite a story, this. But one that we see all around. The words came from Kausthub Sekar, and they are search, mirror, flip, blood and waves. Enjoy, but think this one through as well. ————————- Our world is on a search. A mad quest. One that might be the doom of us all. One … Continue reading Father Time

Her Man

The next Five Word Story in the story, inspired by words suggested by Farozan Dossani. The words are ganache, bunnies, louboutin, constellation and firecracker.  ————————- There were so many things about him that she would never forget. The day they had met. They had both reached for the last chocolate ganache pie at her favourite bakery. … Continue reading Her Man


Written by me, using words suggested by Nishi Vora. This Five Word Story came from procrastination, post-it, sustainable, software and serendipity. Read away! ———————– I leaned back in my chair, and sighed. If there was a definition of “dead-end job” in the dictionary, I would bet good money that my photograph was sitting right next … Continue reading Meh

So, So Sweet

This Five Word Story came from words suggested by Mitali Patel, and the words are inhibitions, therapeutic, jealousy, boomerang and territory. Have fun! ——————– They had come for him. And this time, it didn’t look good. He loaded his gun, and slumped wearily against the wall. He had been fighting for so long, and he … Continue reading So, So Sweet

Black, White, Red

This Five Word Story is the product of words suggested by Shirin Godhrawala, and the words are breakfast, prerogative, women, tremendous and pirate.  —————– “Oi! Stop daydreaming, bitch. The master will be very cross if you don’t get him his food on time!” She jerked out of her daydream, and glanced around her. The kitchen … Continue reading Black, White, Red

Little Warrior

The next Five Word Story. Contributed by my brother Rohan Thomas, the words are uncertainty, illusion, spatially challenged, bloody nose, Spock. Enjoy! ———————– She looked across the room, and saw her baby sleeping peacefully. Her precious little child, the love of her life. The only one who had stuck with her through thick and thin, … Continue reading Little Warrior

Gypsy Lady

This Five Word Story came from the words put forward by Prateek Lokhande. The words were surreal, melancholy, illusion, gypsy, Juliet, and I hope you like it. ——————————– He sat in the bar. Alone. Sad. He wanted a companion. Now. Bad. He threw back a shot. Strong. Burn. He glanced around. Drunk. Lust. It had … Continue reading Gypsy Lady