Work To Be Done

He opened the door quietly, and shut it quickly behind him. He turned on the light in his living room, and walked across to the fridge. Damn it, just one beer. He’d need to go to the store at some point. But not right now. He had more important things to do. He walked over … Continue reading Work To Be Done

Touch The Horizon

“Mama? Are you awake?” She stirred, and turned feebly towards him. There wasn’t much strength left in her, and she used whatever she had carefully and sparingly. Time, the greatest enemy of youth, had robbed her of everything but the sanity of her mind. Thank God she had her boy, though. Even though there was … Continue reading Touch The Horizon

Wide Eyed Return

I’m running, but getting nowhere. The rug turns into a slide, and I seem to be slipping backwards. Ever backwards. I never fall on my ass, and slide with glee. I fall on my front, and get inexorably sucked backwards. Like there’s a giant creature there, waiting for me. Like I’ve been running, as a fool does, on its tongue all along. And it’s leering at me from a hundred yards away. I’m in a cartoon horror movie, where I’m suspended in mid-air – only in trouble if I look down and realize that I’m not standing on anything. I turn around, and he smiles. His teeth are lamps, flickering yellow horrors. Just before he swallows me whole, I wake up. Breathe a sign of relief. As the final bit of air escapes my lungs, I realize with horror that I can breathe no more.

Continue reading “Wide Eyed Return”

The Devil

I’m trying something new. Something I’ve never done before – a multiple-part piece. All the pieces in this series will be categorized under the “The Devil” category. This, more than anything I’ve ever written, needs your feedback and criticism. Help, please.   Cheers, Nikhil Continue reading The Devil

The Migraine

He hunched over in the alley, relishing his prize. It had been a long, hard hunt, but it was so worth it. Every single minute that he had spent planning it, playing out every possible scenario in his head, seemed like a breeze. It had taken him an entire week, but he had finally got … Continue reading The Migraine