Blink. He looked around for a moment, wondering why they were all so tensed. All eight of his companions, standing there, almost frozen. He heard a clanging, turning around to look at one of the little ones, frozen next to a well. He had what looked like a skeletal finger, clutched in his grasp, as … Continue reading Drums

We Are All Dead Here

How in the world did it all go so wrong? Is it a generational thing? Loveless falls utterly short when it comes to describing this. There’s an element of hatred, resentment – for dreams unfulfilled, effort unreturned, love unrequited. Is that what everything is destined to become – a dry, dead husk of what was … Continue reading We Are All Dead Here

Come Home Already

Whisper in the wind, Promise of kisses, A warm hug from far away, Blowing in the cool breeze. Lifted from the ground, In an embrace long overdue, Far too short, A breath of life exhaled too quickly. Your real home awaits, Before you depart again, Hold me, hurt me, take me, leave me, Just come home … Continue reading Come Home Already


(This is a post based on something that happened to an actual police officer in the USA. The original story can be found here.) His radio squawked. “Possible 207A in progress. Father and girlfriend in argument, father has driven off with child. Last seen in a green Toyota hybrid around Pine Street, plate ends in … Continue reading People