Work To Be Done

He opened the door quietly, and shut it quickly behind him. He turned on the light in his living room, and walked across to the fridge. Damn it, just one beer. He’d need to go to the store at some point. But not right now. He had more important things to do. He walked over … Continue reading Work To Be Done

Touch The Horizon

“Mama? Are you awake?” She stirred, and turned feebly towards him. There wasn’t much strength left in her, and she used whatever she had carefully and sparingly. Time, the greatest enemy of youth, had robbed her of everything but the sanity of her mind. Thank God she had her boy, though. Even though there was … Continue reading Touch The Horizon

Amore Mortis

We lay side by side, Two souls vivisected by love, Her beating heart bled onto the jealous grass, Mine cried tears for the death of our love.   I drummed my fingers in an imitation of a symphony, In the staccato of our lovemaking, She pulled up the sods as though they were her enemy, … Continue reading Amore Mortis


She cradles my head, Loving, tender, My tears fall upon her breast, My body shakes against her.   Turn.   “Get the fuck out of my house”, “Don’t ever come back”, Out of sight, out of mind, Out of heart, out of life?   Turn.   She lay with me in the grass, Her head … Continue reading Turn