Never Forget

I remember the times, I remember them all, The way we laughed, The tears we shed. I remember the good times, The sunshine on our faces, I remember the bad ones, Where the clouds refused to part. I remember the talks we had, Discussing life itself, I remember the confessions, I remember it all. It … Continue reading Never Forget

Fare Thee Well

The son paused before his parents, His mother’s eyes were moist and loving, His father’s visage was straight and proud, He knew how much they cared. The brother hugged his sister, And told her to be good, She put her arms around him, And said, “Be safe, big brother.” The husband enveloped his wife, She … Continue reading Fare Thee Well

Never Again

She stared at her face in the mirror. A swollen, pulpy mess stared back at her. Her face was so puffy that her eyes were barely visible. Her lips were a mass of cuts. Her nose was broken, smashed beyond repair. Her cheeks were horribly bruised, as a result of which they were a swirl … Continue reading Never Again


=>I have a strange urge to match my footfalls with the person walking next to me. I don’t know why, I don’t know when it started, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. But there you are. =>I am hopelessly addicted to Oreo cookies. So don’t be surprised if I attack you for … Continue reading Twenty5


Shirts. Beer. Popping. Breaking Benjamin. JATC. Amreta. Vodka. Cigarettes. Make ups. Break-ups. Christine. Bus Rides. Cheesecake. Madonna. Andheri. National College. Charlene. Gokul’s. Republic Day. Mumbai Times Cafe. Text Books. Boards. New York. E.C.S. Gia. St.Xavier’s. Weed. Nokia 3500. Sneha. Bboying. Malhar. Shruti. Malaria. Terrorism. Local Trains. Sorrow. Shanna. Whiskey. Candies. The Foyer. Nike. Marine Drive. … Continue reading 2008

Nikhil 101

This is the post in which I’m supposed to introduce myself, right? I’m Nikhil, I’m eighteen and I’m Indian. Interested enough to know more?  I guess not.  I love soccer, music, literature and dance.  How about now?  Tiny little flicker of interest?  I know some of the most interesting people you will ever have the … Continue reading Nikhil 101